All conferences will be held in the Gaston Berger (2nd floor) and Louis Armand (3rd floor) amphitheatres at Centre des congrès de la Villette / Cité des sciences et de l’industrie. You will find the schedules day by day on this page below.
Thursday 21
Friday 22
Saturday 23
Hour Amphi Gaston Berger Amphi Louis Armand
8h45 - 9h15 8h45
Welcome Welcome
9h15 - 10h 9h15
Pierre-Yves Plat
Opening Session
Opening Session
10h - 10h45 10h
Etienne Klein
What does the polysemy of time reveal to us?
Jacques Arnould
Are we wasting our time?
10h45 - 11h30 10h45
Astronauts roundtable
Can astronauts challenge time?
Christophe Salomon
Is the ticking of atomic clocks really regular?
11h30 - 12h15 11h30
Hidehiro Tachibana
In what kind of time do the japanese people live?
12h15 - 13h 12h15
Purificación López-García
Can we puzzle out the origin of life?
Clément Lacroûte
Does the beginning of atomic time mark the end of human time?
13h - 13h45 13h
13h45 - 14h30 13h45
Julien Bobroff
How long does it take to make a discovery?
Frédéric Paillart
Does Cyber ​​Security Time accelerate?
14h30 - 15h15 14h30
Frédéric Kaplan
Do we have enough data about the past to create a Time Machine?
Julia Desojo
When did the dinosaurs appear?
15h15 - 16h 15h15
Catherine Maunoury
Can we control the volutes of time?
Xavier Emmanuelli
How can we take the measure of medical emergency?
16h - 16h45 16h
Roland Lehoucq
Can We Really Travel Into the Future?
Georges Lewi
Can brands rejuvenate?
16h45 - 17h30 16h45
Roger Penrose
What are Hawking Points? Do they Reveal a Universe Aeon Before the Big Bang?
Normand Mousseau
Do atoms take their time?
17h30 - 18h15 17h30
Antoine Compagnon
What does Proust mean by Time Regained?
Brands roundtable
Can brands defy time?
18h15 - 19h 18h15


  • Question: each conference title is a question that refers to a problem.
  • Video: a film for each conference will be published.
  • Written and oral summary: the oral synthesis goes with the written summary. All synthesis will be published at a later date.
  • Drawn synthesis: the drawn synthesis starts being created the second the conference begins. It will be projected live onto a giant screen. It will be used in the end of the conference to make the written and oral summaries.